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Celebrity Trainer & Speaker Jean Davis, EX IRS Auditor/Tax & Financial Strategist

Jean Davis is the Owner/CEO of The Institute of Financial Freedom & Investment Solutions(TIFFIS, LLC) which teach and train individuals on how to lower their taxes to the legal minimum, increase finances, and create generational wealth. Mrs. Davis has over 20 years tax experience and is an Ex IRS Auditor/Examiner.....If you have tax-related issues, audited, need representation, tax filings, amendments, etc. Call our office at 678-457-9493 for your free 15-minute consultation. We look forward to helping you with all of your tax and financial needs.  See you at this power-packed conference.
TIFFIS Tax Maxx 3 Day Highly Intensive Tax Course
March Class will begin March 21st-March 23rd, 2019
Course is taught by Former IRS Auditor Mrs. Jean Davis with over 20 years certified training & experience.
 (seating extremely limited) Location Atlanta, Ga.
TIFFIS Tax Maxx is a 3 day highly intensive tax training that covers basic, intermediate-advanced tax rules, strategies, and tax shelters.
-These strategies are taught by none other than Ex-IRS Auditor/Tax & Financial Strategist Mrs. Jean Davis.  Mrs. Davis has over 20 years Tax & Financial knowledge  & is in High Demand teaching these hidden IRS tax secrets.  She has worked with celebrities such as Danny Glover, Fran Tarkenton, Jack Zufelt, and many others...
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100% Tax Deductible
This tax training is 100% tax-deductible, given by a highly trained Ex- IRS Auditor...
IRS Compliant
We will educate you on your rights as a taxpayer and will educate you on how to legally, ethically, and morally lower your taxes to the legal minimum and stay in compliance with the IRS.
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This training also comes with a Free 30-minute consultation to make sure you are in compliance with the IRS, go over your tax situations, create real-time tax solutions and help you get true bang for your buck.  Register today and receive your free 30-minute consultation.